The Vig Serves Up Their Delicious Steak Sandwich

This mouth watering sandwich will leave you wanting more.
>> we’re opening a new restaurant, we’ll have a second big, and this is something that will be on the new mean knew, and we do it for specials at the currents big. >> the current big is in the arcadia area, the new one is on 16th and bethany? >> on the northeast corner. >> like march? one of those locations. but we’re making a steak sandwich. >> actually it’s a bistro tenderloin, it comes from the shoulder, so it’s a les expensive cut of beef, but it’s almost as tender. >> it looks like part of the ingredients include greens — >> arraying last, you can buy the peppers in a can or roast them. and i’ll get going real quick we have carpal iced onions, july yen the onions like this. >> i could watch people with skills like this all day long. >> throw in some olive oil in a pan. let the onions sit in there! is, are there any mistakes that average people at home could make when trying to carp



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