The Valley Celebrates Cupcakes With Cupcake Love-In

You don’t have to be a cupcake lover to enjoy Cupcake Love-In this weekend.
>>> this week, celebrating the cupcake. this will take place this sunday. and here to tell us more and hohelp us with halloween decorating tips, we have kelly garcia. and tracy demp see from tracy demp see originals. welcome, ladies. >> thank you. >> you guys are putting on the event. this was sort of your collaboration. tracy, tell me how it came to be. >> well, we shared a booth together at the farmers market. and kelly said one day in april, wouldn’t you like to help me organize a cupcake event? absolutely. it’s been a blast. >> so this event is on sunday. i know the tickets are online. it’s at the valley ho. you know, everyone just sort of goes crazy over cupcakes. they have been around forever. why all of a sudden, you think people love the cupcake? >> i think it’s the nostalgia. >> and you can do everything with a cupcake. you don’t feel too guilty for having one. >> i know you mak



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