The Unquowa School

The Unquowa School prepares a healthy alternative to traditional french fries
>>> it’s hard to imagine where students like theood served, in unquowa school they have a competition for their own iron chef. we have 7th grade students and iron chef winners from last year. congratulatio congratulations. i’m happy that all three of you are here with us. you have a unique program at the unquowa school. >> we do. six years ago, we answered the call from unesca to do a sustainable program in our school and we decided that we would start in the dining room because it is the hard of our world. >> you teach the kids how to eat healthy and how to prepare it very well, etc. >> absolutely. we were lucky enough to find john terine, executive chef at yale when they started their sustainable dining program and he really helped us to start very small and work into a program where we serve mostly organic foods and we are farm to fork regional, seasonal, and it is wonderful. >> we ar



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