The Unexpected Calorie With Wes Cole

The unexpected calorie with Wes Cole
them can even be found in the health food section.d with us this morningth to hethlp identify these healthy but high calorie foods is our 2news fitness expert wes cole. the unexpected calorie peanuts, almonds a seeds avocados juice viewer questions questions from viewers david i’m injury prone. what’s the best way to prevent e weight roo im?e mary ellen this book i recently g bot tells me that my cancer isha curable through “natrauralth cures”? is this true? if you have a question that you’d like wes to answer..ke. just go to the health se ction our web site… kjrh dot com… or you can call wes at 749-0960 or visit his gym on 46th just east of shtheridan. o now



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