The Tea Smith

Tim Smith stops by with delicious teas of the season.
the start of our first day of fall and with changes brings all sorts of new. >> along with tastes and flavors of tea there. is one place in omaha to finds them — the tea smith. we are happy to have back tim smith otherwise known as tea chief. >> it is good to be back. you recently went on a long trip. tell us about that. >> we went to the tea fair and there were people buying teas bringing them back in. on the way over i had a chance to go to japan zozoka our sister city and it is where some of the best teas in japan are made and i got to visit with den katashson about all of the things he was doing. >> and this is interesting. >> with a is this actually? >> it is a garden and a represent representation of tea plantation and mount fuji and all can you see. you are serious about this tea stuff. >> and i think that this is your passion. >> it is great. >> to embark on a trip like this. >>



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