The Surfing Chef

The Surfing Chef
on our facebook fan page. >> we are in the kitchen with the surfing chef making pork milanese. this is one of your favorite dishes. why? >> it is fried pork. how can you beat that? >> you really cannot. the ingredients are rarely simple. we will have the list at thehamptonroadsshow.com. >> this is a boneless pork loin that i sliced into cutlets. you have salt and pepper and parsley. we will make a sauce with a little bit of white wine, tomato sauce, veal stock and chicken stock. we will reduce that down. then at some lemon juice. we will saute some fresh vegetables to go with it. >> this is a great meal. a lot of folks will be grilling out for the holiday. you have to have other meals inside. >> this is an inside option. >> how can i help you get started? >> we will take the pork cutlets and we will address them in the flour. we will salt and pepper them a little bit. >> i was going to g



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