The Soup Is Ready At Great Chowder Cook-Off

The greatest international chowder championship will officially commence the start of the summer season on Saturday, June 5th. Enjoy endless samples of chowder prepared by a culinary tour de force of creative chefs from around the globe, each perfecting a recipe to provoke all challengers in the ultimate quest for chowder triumph.
sun. we’ll give you more inve the future cast coming up. >> experts say tomorrow looks like a great day for chowder and the if the past years are any indication that this year’s chowder cookoff will be a great time. take a look. all the chowder you can eat. that should get you enough to get you to the nor great chowderho cookoff. co whether you provide knowns it chowder or chowder, 3,000 gallons of the goat stuff fare sure to keep peopole talking al andd eating. competitors are converging on the cityth byty the sea from all over the country, including states as far away as alaska and florida. 29 competitors will be stirring the pot tomorrow,to hoping to win one of chowderfest’s coveted title. bragging rights e given to the chef that has the best clam and seafood chowders. >> and what goes better with chowder than clam cakes? the cookoff also featus a clam cake competion.ca you can head t



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