The SoNo Bakery And Café.

John Barricelli from The SoNo Bakery and Café.
cookbook and is back with another sweet treat. welcome back, john. >> thank you very much. >> good to have you. tell us what you’re making today into it is the basic chocolate pudding and i was thinking what to make from the btoook e and it strikes me that people by thet box with the food bocolthoring icon it and it is amazing what is in the boxes s o we wanto eda to show you how to make a nice, all-natural version of something. >> this is as eiasy as opening the box of puding mix and much healthier. >> it is not healthier or les os healthier, except in the sense you’re not getting modified food starches astnd other funk. you’re getting sugar, yes, corne starch and cocoa powder, wholele milk, whole freshfr egs, not dried eggs. here we have milk amnd a little bit of half andha half, and we will finish it with biterb sweet chocolate andat butter. so what wouldn’t you gi ve your child. >> y



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