The Sneaky Chef

Just in time for the upcoming lazy summer days, New York Times Bestselling author Missy Chase Lapine will share her sneaky tips on how to sneak in calorie burning activities for kids while they lounge around the house and will offer yummy, healthy treats and meals.nnOrange PureennRock ‘n’ Roll-Up Pizza SticksnnSneaker-Doodle CookiesnnSweet Strawberry CupcakesnnThe Sneaky Chef
>>> welcome. >> well this looks like your average kid friendly bowl of spa get & meatballs, right? wrong. >> this dish is filled with vitamins and minerals and is a nutritional home run. it is sneaky so kids will dig in. >> sometimes kids resist things that are good for them. we all know it is not easy to get them to eat vegetables. >> a hush-hush suggestion from an expert. missy is author of best selling and how to fit it into your busy child’s life. missy, how are you? >> great. thank you for having me, tiffany. >> i am sure we should tell parents to have their children leave the room so they don’t hear about the sneaky suggestions to get the low down, right. >> some kids don’t want to know there’s vegetables in their fruit juice. we will get to that. >> sneaky is 100 ways to slip fitness into fun. with kids it is about fun and we have to fuel them with great nutrition and like you



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