The Singing Chef

Neil Fuentes, the Singing Chef, prepares empanadas and arepas.
kitchen, our favorite spot to be. >> we’re turning up the heat. >> and we’re joined by a “connecticut style” favorite, the lively and sensationaln singing chef, neil fuentes. welcome to the show.ho >> thank you, it is niece to be back, girls. are you ready? >> yes. here we go again. [singing] >> come on, sonia!i shake it, sonia! >> okay, with me, ,ladies. [singing] so how are you girls. >> very nice, neil fuentes. >> the reason i did lalabamba is that is a party food. i want to make latino party fooled fod for you today. we will do arapa which is from venezuela and empanadas, made with the same flour, corn flour. you have a cup of corn flour here so put it here and i put mine there. with that, make sure a little cup of water. >> this entire cup. >> well, measure a cup of water. >> measure, is this a cup? >> about a cup, yes. i will put it right there. for this, i have six tablespoons of



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