The Sensational Singing Chef

Neil Fuentes is in the Connecticut Style kitchen.
>> today, we are straying from the traditional holiday meal so be prepared to be transported to venezuela as the sensationals singing chef neil fuentes shows us a typicalp venezuelan dnish served around holidays. welcome back. so great to have you back. >> happy holidays to you. >> it is christmas eve, after all. >> it is. >> let’s talk about what we’re making. it is a typical venezuelan dish. >> abso lutely. >> tell us the history behind it and what it is called. >> when we were colonized by the spanish, they came into venezuela and when the rich spanish were having diner, the leftoversovers would go to the maytives and they would alcohol it up u and make — tehe nativesi and they would make an entire meal for christmas so since it has been an evolution of the dish and now we make it in every way, with meat or egetarian. >> and you say this is a time when families were realy involved, t



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