The Road To A Fabulous New You

Author Tosca Reno Shares Insight into her Revolutionary Program for Complete Body Transformation and Tips from her Latest Book:nYOUR BEST BODY NOW: LOOK AND FEEL FABULOUS AT ANY AGE THE EAT-CLEAN WAY
Regardless of our age we all want to know the secret to looking and feeling great and our next guest says she can tel you what that is. She said at the age of 40 she decided to transform from an overweight housewife to a fit and atractive happy woman. She wants to share how she did it in “your best body now. Welcome tasha.nnThank you.nnYou had a bit of a personal revolution that you underwent that led you to write this book. Tell me about that.nnYes, i had that moment that so many of us have where we look in the miror and see something that is unrecognizable and it used to be me but it wasn’t me anymore. Iowa horified. I had become overweight, didn’t recognize myself. I was unhappy and i knew i had to change something pretty dramatically. I had three daughters at the time, still do and needed to be a good example for them but i just wasn’t happy. I learned some incredible principles and



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