The Right Foods For 2010

The right foods for 2010
series taking you step by step in diet and exercise. if your new year’s resolution is to maintain a healthier diet, our next guest says you can still have your cake and eat it, too. marissa churchill is here with us. >> great to be here. >> i like the fact that you can help us satisfy our cravings and still be healthy. is it really easy? >> it really is. people don’t believe it all the time. they’re dubious of it. [laughter] >> i’m guilty of that. >> understandably so, but you really can. there’s a couple of really easy tricks to cut down on the fats in your sweets to satisfactory those cravings. >> people say, i cut back on the sweet, the fat, but it still doesn’t taste the same. >> exactly. >> what’s this dessert caled? >> this is the pear and sour cherry crisp. first of al, we’re starting out with some fresh fruit, with underfull for us. we’re putting a little bit of flour in here to



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