The Rhode Show Corned Beef Dinner

The Rhode Show Corned Beef Dinner from Fatty McGee’s.
>> good to meet you. how are you today? >> i’m doing well. >> we’ve got the classic corned beef and cabbage. >> yes, we do. >> tell me a little bit about it. we have a pretty big slab of corned beef. >> yes, we do. basically, we’re just going to take this big slab of meat, throw it in this pot, little carrots, little onion, simple seasonings over here. >> that’s how i refer to vince dementri. slab of meat. >> big slab of meat. as i said earlier, fatty dmentrei. >> is it naturally salty? >> it has a little bit of high salt content. >> you said we boiled earlier you explained why we boiled this. this is a tough piece of meat? >> yes. you have to tenderize it. couldn’t do it. >> you’re talking about for a piece that size, four, five hours. >> four to five hours and boiled. >> boiled, reduced to a simmer. >> you want to leave it four to five hours. so this is an all-day meal. all day cooker.



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