The Rhode Show 20090619

The Rhode Show 20090619
and they are making harmony this morning. the barbershop quartet generations is going toon sing for juice. e.>> and i’m going to be cookingo withth my winningin partner, shahid will be in “the rhode show” kitchen making some awesome veal loin. >> good morning everybody. lcome to “the rhode show.” it is friday, june 19, 2009, i’m vince dementri. >> friday!fr i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m shawn’m tempesta. you might be wondering why i’m wearing a golfg shi. because very excited, cvs caremark charity classic is happening sunday through tuesday. >> are you going to be golfing? >> i stink at golfing. if this wasif a mini golmiff tourname nt, i alsour stink,ti but thereby would be a lot — there would be a lot more for me to do. a whole slewsl of golfers, sunday rough tuesday andug if youou want fullll details, cvs charity ch classic.com.cl sunday through tuesday. fun time. >> hopefully th



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