The Rhode Show 20090618

The Rhode Show 20090618
in “the rhode show” studio in morning. fans will put their skills to the test for tickets to the cvs charity class jake. >> our televisioudio is turning into an artist’s studio, we’ll tell you why. >> and tv maitre d’ joe zito is here making a big daddy steak for father’s day. >> that sounds like it’s right up your alley, a porter house steak. >> they told me if you would go to a restaurant, it would cost you about $65. that’s a big hung of meat. good morning everybody. well tom could “the rhode show.” today is the 18th, it’s 29, i’m vince dementri and it’s thursday, we’re almost there. >> our very own hung of peat right here and i’m elizabeth hopkins. i thought the way you described that, kind of graphically. >> not sure how to take that. >> that was a good hung of meat. >> hey, do you know what starts off — >> i’m a a hung of meat. >> you know what starts off a great thursday? when yo



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