The Rhode Show 20090616

The Rhode Show 20090616
talk about his 20-year career. >> and we’ll check in with our summer shapeup contestants. >> and something sweet will be baking in “the rhode show” kitchen, which the summer shapeup contestants would probably love to have right novel the winner of the most creative category at the federal hill stroll, nancy is here from nancy’s francies. cook along with us at “the rhode show.” >> i did see nakia sneaking a little bit cake a wile back and she said don’t tell them. >> i snuck back there earlier, there was a box that was slightly open and i peeked in. it’s pretty special. you’re going to like it. >> there’s a cupcake in there, there’s cupcakes, you remember dirk, t’s a dirk cupcake, and i have called claim on it. if anyone eats it — >> we haven’t seen aid hello yet. >> good morning. i’m vince dementri. i’m going to tell you, today is a huge day for me. you guys know i’m a big boxing fan, i



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