The Rhode Show 20090611

The Rhode Show 20090611
organizers. >> then i’m talking to so you think you can dance judge, mary murphy. that’s a mouthful. and the top 20 performers who finally took the stage last night. >> you just called it what i call it. >> well said. >> in the kitchen, it’s a meal fit for a king. if that king has a child. today we are having a manly menu in honor for dad. try it out at home and you can make it for dad this father’s day. >> and just before anybody panics, sunday is not father’s day. >> no. >> next sunday. >> as soon as june hits, it’s like father’s day preparations. it’s four sundays from now. >> i’m tired of getting rooked the whole year. honey do this, honey do that, and he’s waiting for someone to say honey, do something for me. good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s thursday, june 11, 2009. i’m vince dementri. >> and i’m shawn tempesta. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. i found something i



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