The Rhode Show 20090605

The Rhode Show 20090605
are live as chefs from across the country set up a new poto start making chowder. >> looking good. and a look inside one of rhode rhode island’s most notorious industries through the eyes of a local filmmaker. >> butterflies in your own backyard. how you can attract monarchs to your own backyard. >> good morning everybody. it’s friday. >> june 5. >> i’ve vince dementri. >> and i’m danielle north if nor elizabeth hopkins. >> today is free doughnut day. >> it is, and i was reminded by my broad of children who saw the commercial on tv, and actually wrote it on the calendar, june 5 is free doughnut day,. so we get to partake in some that later. >> courtney told us if we eat one doughnut, we have to run 59,000 miles. >> do we need to be reminded of how to burn off all the fat? we don’t. it’s friday. >> how are you doing this morning? >> i’m great. >> it’s good for you to be in again. >> thank



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