The Rhode Show 20090528

The Rhode Show 20090528
the hrode show at the st. so you think you can dance auditions.” >> we will check in with the auditions >> very cool. a local principal is retiring. before we is retiring he’s giving a generous gift. you can get today’s ingredients at foxprovidence.com. you can cook along with us. welcome to the rode show. it’s thursday. it’s may 28, 2009. it’s almost june. >> next week. what do you think? . >> think summer is already already here. you wouldn’t know by today. i figured they know that. shaun is in boston. he’s very excited you can tell. remember the kid that we had here >> yes, ellis. yeah, he actually tonight is the actual spelling bee championship. he did do really well because he got through the first round. >> right. we’re so proud of him. ellis good job. way to represent rhode island. it take a lot. as we mentioned we are live at the so you? think you can dance auditions. how are you



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