The Rhode Show 20090526

The Rhode Show 20090526
best dresses for your body style. >>> a local man’s song of survival, music helps him cope with mental illness. this morning, one of our viewers favorite restaurants and you can cook along. foxprovidence.com. i’m in the mood for italian food. >> welcome to the rhode show. wrees the month gone? >> i feel the same exact way. feels like we’re flying by. >> may is gone. >> how is your holiday weekend? did you have a good weekend? >> yeah. sunday i went to a cookout in cumberland. we interviewed craig before the show started. monday, i went to connecticut for a cookout. >> you went to a cookout? >> i went to a party after i got my nose broken. >> that’s right! >> it’s a hairline fracture. you may have heard this, four-time world champion bernard hopkins, he and i grew up together in philadelphia, became friends in a school yard fight. we’ve been friends ever since. we boxed amateur. i couldn’



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