The Rhode Show 20090521

The Rhode Show 20090521
>> and there it is, the new “american idol,” kris allen, we’re going to talk about it all morning from reaction to performances to our fabulous viewing party. >> and we’ll give awe preview of our job fair at the crown plaza and how you can get involved. >> and in the kitchen, it’s lobster, and this is definitely going to wake you up. chef joe zito. cook along with us at wmur.com. >> do you see the size of that lobster? i’m not lying, it’s that big. it’s on steroids. it’s huge. >> why do you have sunglasses on? >> you know, the start of it, being so right. it shines down upon me. >> oh my gosh. >> do you want to take this one? you go ahead. >> ok. let’s see. >> wendy, you might want to get in on this. wendy is shooting for us in place of rick today. >> here’s the thing, here’s the thing about being humble. i could still lose this whole competition. >> really. you don’t seem to be acting t



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