The Rhode Show 20090519

The Rhode Show 20090519
show,” looking for a job? a lot of people are. get your resume ready because we’re going to tell you about a really cool apprenticeship right here in rhode island. >> kicking your butt into shape for summer. we’ll introduce you to our brave contestants, some of whom you may recognize and maybe inspire you to slim down. >> and in the kitchen, the chef from 242 is here with us today and he’s going to make us a grail meal. also tell us all about the federal hill stroll which is happening june 9. >> i’m really excited about that. i have a butts ton here. i’ve never been. very interesting. >> cool button. >> how come i didn’t get one? >> this is my button. >> good morning everybody. >> share the button. >> vince dementri. >> did i tell you my name isvince dementri. >> i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m shawn tempesta. so nylo tomorrow. are you gist ready for this in. >> oh my gosh, i am ready.



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