The Rhode Show 20090512

The Rhode Show 20090512
sacrificing anything aift all. >> and then, bam. thank you, shawn, ian’ll takeak this. one of america’s favorite chefs will join us to talk about this new book and he’s going to share all his grilling tips wis th us as we getwe ready to k tick off summer. >> inn honor of emeril, in the kitchen, we brought people to from his school to cook alongco with us. >> it’s tu esday, may 12. 2009, i’m vince demi’entri.en >> good g morning. i’m elizab eth hopkins. ho >> and i’m shawn tempesta. good morning everybody. >> you’re a lit’rtle under the weather. how come? >> i don’t know. i’m not sure. s i’m a high fiver. >> do you feel>> siyock? >> yesterday at rdhome i had the sweats a little a bit. today it’s just the throat. i’m a highm fiver. everyone under the office knows i’m a highm fiver and i think i high five’dgh somebody that wasn’t feeling well. in i’m going to underexert my voice, sovo it s



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