The Rhode Show 20090429

The Rhode Show 20090429
rat pack is alive again. at least on american ‘doll that is. we’ll chat about the crooner. >> plus, the inside scoop on designer deals that will save you and your family big bucks. >> and inside the kitchen, it’s a rhodie favorite. you can cook along with us at foxprovidence.com. >> in addition to the johnny cakes, he’s also making mint juleps. he may have started early. good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show.” it’s wednesday, april 29. hump day everybody. >> hump day. >> 2009, i’m vince dementri. >> good morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins. >> and i’m shawn tempesta. >> what did you guys end up doing with the weather yesterday? >> well, i didn’t do a whole lot, but if i may as a proud father, if you don’t mind, i don’t always do this, but i’m just so proud of my daughter and my daughter nicole out there, she watches me on the computer, she yesterday brought home her report card f



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