The Rhode Show 20090317

The Rhode Show 20090317
on “the rhode show”, we’re feeling the green, an we’re celebrating st. patrick’s day with a group of irish dancers and a look local brewery. >> maybe the luck of the irish will be with you, as we announce two more qualifiers in our metro car motor give away. >> and in the kitchen, an irish classic. get today’s ingredients right now at foxprovidence.com and cook it tonight. yes, it is irish boxty. >> i’m excited about it. i wanted to run in there in the break and have some. >> i never heard of it before, but potato pancakes. good morning everybody. welcome to “the rhode show”. it is st. patrick’s day, march 17, 2009. i’m vince dementri. >> good morning, i’m elizabeth hopkins. i’m the only one in green today. >> i’m half irish. that is my green. >> i could just blame it on old age. i forgot. how are you guys? >> doing well. doing well. >> i’m a little saddened today. >> why? >> there’s a l



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