The Rhode Show 2-27-09

The Rhode Show for 2-27-09
ring connect from. >> you want to talk about him playing. i’m concerned she’s not a jinx to him like yes, sir jessica simpson >> she been with him for a little bit. she did get injured. that makes plenty of sense. if not we have the banner for the game. another pair of necessariers are the bushes. the former president and the first lady are settling into life after the white house. and in an interview with “people” magazine laura bush said the civilian world is a lot more slow paced. she said their new dallas home is sparcely turnished. they don’t have newspaper delivery yet. show told abc news she forget to watch president obama address to congress on tuesday. >> i don’t know about that. sour grapes maybe. if you say you watched it then you will be — they will ask you for a comment. maybe you want to avoid that. does anyonmember when they don’t read the newspaper. who is the newspaper



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