The Recipe For Mealtime Success

Joanna Prisco, Senior Editor of the new food magazine Dash, is here to talk about hot trends in cool foods, how to make your meals last and where to go for fail-safe recipies! Whether you are hosting Thanksgiving dinner or just looking to spice up weekday dinners with the family, Dash has all the tips and recipies you need.
>>> welcome to the show. i am in charge of preparing thanksgiving this year. i am looking fo different recipes. nothing to involved or complicated. stuff like that. >> it sounds complicated to me. > you ne to check out a food magazine call dash. it is for busy moms like you. ck it out. >> hello. > i’m joanne senior editor of the new food magazine dash. dash it be the difference between a holiday party and the nice your guests will never forget. inside the debut issue you will find speightsing — spicing up a ish for your family and this time of year is busy wth schedules and family and shopping and when it comes to cooking dinner. there are a few tips i can share to give you a heads start for entertaing. >> like fashion trends there are trends in cooking. your guests will like to eat something different than your traditional turkey and stuffing. see what chefs are working with now. remem



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