The Queen Victoria Pub

Located inside the Riviera, The Queen Victoria Pub is serving authentic British food at reasonable prices. Today on the Morning Blend, Mark McGarry cooks up his famous Figgy Pudding live in this studio. Find out where you can get a taste of England this holiday season!
caller 13 comin coming up later. >> this time of year many of us look forward to friends, family, ham, figy pudding. we’re talking figgy pugd. >> we’re making this classic this morning. mark mcgary is in the riviera and he’s here with us. >> dao: good morning. >> shawn: i have fefe forever wanted to know what they sing in those songs. >> dao: that bing crosby song. >> shawn: what is figgy pudding. >> bing mac made it famous. the original christmas pudding in the 1600s and popular in the victorran times. we’re queen victorran pub so we thought we would have this for christmas. >> dao: where on the strip are you? >> we’re in the riviera hotel, 2901 las vegasoulevard. >> shawn: awesome. >> dao: so let’s talk about this menu that you have in front of us. >> well, basically all it is is steamed pudding. we take the butter and lard or — chortenning you call it. and we want to cream this. >> s



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