The Power Of The Green Fairy

Once banned in the U.S. and France, a victim of smear campaign, prohibition and reputation, a lawyer decides to launch the legal bottle to get the century old ban on importing absinthe lifted. (Venture)
small business and big ideas. absinthe, nicknamed the green fairy, was all the rage in paris. by the early 1900’s, it was banned in the u.s. and france, a victim of the wine industry’s smear campaign, prohibition, and reputation. it is rumored that it drove van gogh to cut off his ear. you may have seen the drink is being prepped at your local speakeasy. you can think jared for bringing her back. he was a lawyer when he decided to launch the legal battle to get the century old ban on importing absinthe lifted. the department of agriculture was concerned about an ingredient, wormwood. they developed an absinthe with the appropriate amount and it. >> [unintelligible] it turns out the way it was always made actually met the u.s. regulatory requirements. after a lot of legal legwork in 2007, the ban was lifted. next, he set to work creating a brand. the cat eyes peer from the bottle, taking



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