The Pier Restaurant’s Pumpkin Bisque

We’re in the kitchen cooking The Pier Restaurant’s Pumpkin Bisque with Chef Kevin Gaudreau from The Pier Restaurant.
>> awesome stuff, good idea. people are outre thereer thing. always thinking. >> let’s head over to the kitchen. >> we are making pumpkin bisque with the pier restaurant. i’m excited about this. because for someca time, i’ve been talking about my chunky boots and fall knits. tell me about the ingredients. >> we’re>>re using or uganic pumpkins with the jamestown community farm, celery, onion, we have toasted pumpkin seeds, which we reserved from the pumpkinpu anfter we chopped it up hoand roasted itst and a fe w items, seasoning items, em bay leaf, all spice, brach pepper, corn, thyme and it’s ait simple preparation, healthy and perfect for this time of the year. >> i’m glad it’s simple, because we have two sioux economies who are knew to the game in here to help you and in just a minute, m i’m going to see t if fin and nick can take a quick peek into the camera in just a second, but tell



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