The Perfect Poundcake Recipe

The Poundcake Lady shares a recipe for a gluten-free Very GINGERbread cake with chocolate icing
>> welcome back to “san antonio living.” we have some delicious treats in the kitchen this morning from the pound cake lady, melissa. thank you for coming. >> i’m excited to be on the tree. >> i recently went gluten free and i have met a lot of great people who make things without gluten, one of them being you, and so i’m very pleased to share recipes because often when you cut out the gluten, things don’t taste that good, but not yours. how did you come to this? >> i went to culinary school in 1996 and i had a full career in the culinary industry, i was a chef, a pastry chef and i was diagnosed while working in a german bakery, and really the worst news you can get when working in a bakery like tha thousands of imported cookies and i was diagnosed and i went like this. >> you found out that you were allergic to gluten? >> i have celiac, the whole way, and i thought it’s impossible, it’s



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