The Palm Restaurant

Lobster… Steak… Sliders… Oh my!! Some of the best food and happy hours deals in Las Vegas can be found at The Palm Restaurant inside Caesars Palace. Lawrence Close and Executive Chef Kiko Ojeda joined Dao & Shawn to take a look at some of their delicious cuisine!
new moves. >> shawn: prepare those taste bud. lobster, steak, sliders at the next guest’s location. >> dao: did we mention happy hour? we’re studying your mood on monday morning, the fabulous spread. >> shawn: very tasty, who stp help helping, general manager of the palms and executive chef chico. welcome, i’m so happy to see you. first of all, the palms is pretty historic. >> it started? 1926 in new yor new york city, been around 85 years, our anniversary is next year. >> dao: it’s a beautiful restaurant. you have to check it out. >> shawn: i want to get my face painted on the wall. what are the qualifications? >> dao: how does that work. >> you join the 837 member loyalty club and spend about — accumulate 15,000 points for a party and your character on the wall. >> dao: talk about the spread you brought in. what are we looking a? ago at? i see lobster and steak. >> they come from cana



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