The Norse Federation

The Tucson Chapter of the Norse Federation is a local chapter of the 100-year-old Nordmanns-Forbundet, an international organization with headquarters in Oslo, Norway. Under patronage of HM King Harald of Norway, its objectives are to maintain and strengthen cultural and personal ties between Norway and Norwegians abroad, their descendents and friends. Visitors are always welcome!
>>> you hear it a lot. america is a melting pot and that’s what makes it great. the different foods, the music, the cultures, they all help shape our country. well, one group aims to rember its origins and celebrate them too. here to tell you more about the tucson chapter of the norse federation are anna maria and lou ann welcome to the show, ladies. >> thank you. >> today we’re talking about the norse federation. the club aims to help strengthen ties between descendants of norway and norway itself. do you find a lot of “wall street journallians” in — norwegians in tucson? >> we do. >> there are a lot. when we first started we went through the phone book to find out “the wall street journallian” names to find out who we might contact. >> tell us a little bit more about the goal and some of the things that the norse federation does to help strengthen those ties. >> the goal is, one of th



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