The New Portuguese Table

David Leite author of “The New Portuguese Table”.
it and a talking about it and now david leite is back to put together an orange olive oil cake and the second y tou walkou into the studio you can smell ite permeating. >> isn’t it great. .>> it isi wonderful. >> welcome back.a you ar e like fkeamily. l >> can yo u feel the love? >> i cani feel the love right now. >> you are making a beautiful orange olive oil cake.. where did you come up with this idea? >> in portugal there was a bakery that served this for dinner but i used to eat it for breakfast. >> for>> dinner? why didn’t someone telel me sooner . >> i wou ld eat i it forfo breakfast ever yy day. >> the olive oil, what is the significance ofce that? >> that is a major fat in portugal. they don’t use a lot of butter so this isi what they had so i had to work on it. it took 13 vari ations to get t this to match the one in portugal because they wereec telling me this and that. >> the



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