The Naptime Chef

the naptime chef
website that gives tips on cooking healthy homemade meals for your kids and family. as repoter don shipman explains, al you need is naptime. nats for many parents, naptime is fre time. but that doesn’t necessarily mean enough time to do things, like prepare a gourmet meal. (sot kelsey banfield, thenaptimechef.com) “i love to cok and bake, it’s always been my hoby.” when her daughter daphne was born, kelsey banfield’s hobby quickly took a backseat. (sot kelsey banfield, thenaptimechef.com) “as a parent, you do everything on the fly. as a parent, there’s not one person i know who hires a babysiter so they can cook.” now she’s finding a new way to maximize those precious naptime minutes. (standup don shipman, reporting) “she’s created a website called thenaptimechef.com. it’s full of tips for parents outlining how to utilize their child’s naptime to prepare diner.” (sot kelsey banfield, the



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