The Mommy M.D.

The temps are finally cooling off, and your little ones are probably counting down the days, minutes even seconds until Halloween! And, more specifically, trick-or-treating! You’re probably excited too. But if you want your ghosts and goblins to be safe and healthy this holiday, watch this segment! As a doctor, author and mother of three, Rallie McCallister, aka “The Mommy M.D.,” is here with the advice you Mummies may need to celebrate All Hallows Eves responsibly.
sponsor. >>> the temps are finallysv8$ cooling off and your little ones are counting down the >>> you’re probably excited, too, but if youzl9 and goblins to be safe and healthy this holiday weekend, listen up as a n? doctor, author” anu>?wher of three, the mommy m.d. is here with advice you[r? mummies may want9ñí+? responsibly. welcome to the show alley. >> thank you,ejfifo mm alex. >> we have a lot to talkje about.cféçsh ei-let’s start off with your recipes. and i wanted to start off with the floating eyeball dip. tell us aboul5(sdp-m >> you know, the whole idea, as you said, alex, is to get k5 children well fed before they go outvpuc÷(#] for trick-or-treating where they’ll get lots ofhcz candy. everything i’ve prepared today is usingúi orowv healthier menu option. and i’m5u#ó5á jt van?g÷=u (9? decamps frozen fish made of 100% whole fillbá7!úyc”x% lates and never anyone elsed



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