The Market Diner’s Pumpkin Pie

A Thanksgiving staple
>> we’re in the kitchen now, and we’re cook agonize classic thanksgiving dessert. >> do you like dessert? >> i love dessert. >> you in. >> my brother in law’s father will say after you eat, it is time to eat. he wants dessert. he loves his dessert. >> all right. >> so what do you think, pumpkin pie. >> you can’t get more american or thanksgiving than that. hard to. >> simple. >> quintessential. >> i’ll go for and it show you here. >> all this is listed on the website 9wsyr.com you. >> make my job easy. >> and we’re going in with a couple different kind of sugar. >> brown and granulated. >> yes, just plain white sugar. that’s cream cheese. pumpkin solid and no i did not roast off my own pumpkins. >> it wouldn’t surprise me if you did. >> i would lie, but,, somebody would find me out. >> i don’t think many people do, tony, nothingo worry about there. >> it is three, this is one whole egg a



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