The Lowdown On The Bubbly

Analysis and discussion with CEO of Laurent-Perrier Champagne Stephane Tsassis; Over the past 40 years, champagne has been through a lot of crises but it has a slight increase in consumption on an average of 3% over the years. (Asia Confidential)
know that champagne only comes from one region in france. if it does not come from champaign, it cannot be legally called champagne. there are 17 territories with 319 villages, supporting approximately 30,000 families. all those families and winemakers basically feed into 100 champagne houses. it is a pretty exclusive bunch out there in champagne country. but it is this — it is the exclusivity that could hurt them in the months ahead an almost perfect arm of over supply coupled with a consumer slump in demand this year. what lies ahead? the chief executive joins us today. are we looking at a possible slump in champagne prices given the supply? >> i do not believe so. over the past 40 years, champagne has been through a lot of crises. there have been four very big crises and all of them have hit the champagne consumption. every time, overall, as it has always been, a slight increase in t



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