The Lion & Rose Pub

Local restaurant develops audio menu for their customers.
on the nightshift… the latest in cool technology has come to a local restaurant. restaurant. and it’s making it easier for the customers and wait staff. lucas mack has that story. story. << << the lion and rose english pub is a place known for their beer... food and now their talking menus? menus? "it's something that we feel that there's a niche here that has not been filled yet." yet." owner allen tharp... found this latest in restuarant gadetry at a food show.he liked it 'casue of the technology... plus he's blind... and says this audio menu is perfect for everyone. everyone. allen tharp - owner of the lion & rose pubs "i really thought it was a good idea and now that we have this i'm glad i followed up on this. this is neat stuff." stuff." menus that talk was desinged for people who have trouble reading a menu... but it actually ends up being pretty fun to play with and



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