The Last Year Of Your Life

Clint Arthur, president of Five Star Butter Co., has a sure-fire recipe for the perfect light, fluffy hotcakes. Clint uses 5 secrets of one of his top pastry chef clients to amp up a simple box mix for “better-than-scratch pancakes.” As the president of Five Star Butter Co., Clint’s clients include Jean-Georges Vongerichten, Charlie Trotter, Charlie Palmer, Guy Savoy, and Francois Payard. Clint was also a judge on the “Battle Butter” episode of Food Network’s Iron Chef America. As a personal exploration experience, Clint Arthur’s The Last Year of Your Life provides the tools for you to discover your own personal inspiration and engage your own customized and uniquely personal program with the single-minded determination. Detailing how to create an inspiring plan for The Last Year of Your Life that will get you jumping out of bed every morning with your blood pumping and a real lust for your life, Clint sparks readers to map out a mastery-inspired list of goals and results that readers can attain this year. Covering everything from following your passions to quitting smoking, the book reinforces that fact that nothing is out of reach for the determined mind.nnThe Last Year of Your Life
>>> pancakes, flapjacks, doesn’t matter what you call them, we call them delicious. whether you like chocolate chip or blueberry, butter is the ingredient you definitely need. >> we’re talking with a chef who claims to have the recipe for sure fire, fluffy hot hotcakes, he even says it will change your marriage. clint is here to tell us how to do it. >> lady gaga that will save your marriage. >> i love lady gaga is going for everything and making it happen right now. that ties in. here’s the bacon that makes the lady ga pancake. >> meat cakes, right? >> you add that into your batter. you add some butter. >> a box pancake mix. you’re making it easier for people. >> good. >> and you’re going to add a meringue of two egg whites. >> it makes it fluffy. this is a secret of one of my pastry chefs gave me. as president of the butter company i have top chefs in the world. this is one of the reci



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