The Jewish Mother’s Brunswick Stew

The Jewish Mother’s Brunswick Stew
brunswick stew. since we last checked in, we have added some more spices. we will give you guys a little recap of what we have added. >> what we have here is a touch of poultry seasoning. drop a little bit in there like that. fresh garlic, not garlic salt, put a little bit in there like that. black pepper, depending on how hot you want to make it. i use just a touch of oregano to break the tomato taste. i dropped just a tad of sugar. >> stir this up? >> give a nice start. — stir. add more seasoning than what i have. >> because they have already done that? we’re giving them the recap. >> yes. bill cook by taste. it is a taster’s soup — and they will cook by taste. brunswick stew at the jewish mother? >> the jewish mother is located on 3108 pacific ave down in virginia beach. it is down from the hilton. >> there you go. it is the biggest building in virginia beach in case you have not re



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