The Heisner’s Share One Of Their Healthy Family Recipes

Try these lettuce wraps as an appetizer or for dinner.
well, these two — you may have noticed they have the same last name. they’re brother and sister. they’re married. married. i thought i’d light than mood here. >> we have had that question before. >> you do look very, very blond together. but you guys are showing us some — some of the things that you do in your kitchen, because you’re both full-time working parents, two shawl — small children, and you like to do the healthy things. >> we try to as much as possible with the kids. it’s got to be quick and easy for the kids. if it’s healthy then that’s a bonus. so we’re cooking up some turkey lettuce wraps today. >> her favorite. who loves them more? >> we both do. it’s good res pee, it’s nice and healthy, and really easy to make. >> so where did this come from? did you get it off the internet? come up with it? >> it’s pretty much — anything can come up with it. this is my all around sea



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