The Hampton Roads Show – July 2, 1010

The Hampton Roads Show – July 2, 1010
is on “the hampton roads show.” [applause] >> we are officially cheering that it is friday. these great cheerleaders have come from precision’s cheer. don’t they look great? >> the surfing chef is in the kitchen this morning to teach us how to make one of his favorite dishes, pork milanese. >> it is live music friday. it warren seaburg does it all. we are looking forward to that. >> kicking off the holiday weekend, before we get to the fourth of july, the second of july is a special day. we celebrate six years of being married. >> happy anniversary. let’s hear it for that. [applause] >> that is pretty awesome. it is 13 years for me at wavy. we’re going to the wedding tomorrow, so that is a good way to celebrate the milestone. > this morning, we are buzzing like crazy. we want to know what you are doing this weekend for the fourth of july. are you grilling out. ? let us know what your pla



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