The Hampton Roads Show – 3/31/2010

The Hampton Roads Show – 3/31/2010
charles barker toyota and infiniti on laskin road] >> if it is in hampton roads, it is on “the hampton roads show.” >> welcome. halfway through the week. it is beautiful outside. it will continue to get better. we are already thinking about the weekend. it is easter weekend. john cash said it would hit the 80’s. >> it is like some are already. >> we will start complaining about that. no complaints about what is going on in the kitchen. our chef is from the lucky oyster grill. did not forget you can always catch our show on thehamptonroadsshow.com. >> we will be catching felicia barton this morning. she will fill us in on what was a great and what was not so great from last night. she has also been writing songs. we look forward to hearing those. >> can’t wait. >> she has written a song since she has been in asheville. — since she has been in national, tennessee. >> we wanted to buzz in



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