The Hampton Roads Show – 3/26/2010

The Hampton Roads Show – 3/26/2010
about this other person. — and share what you know about this other person. >> i count my blessings. >> active duty. i thought that might be easier than married to someone in active duty. >> i am sad. >> and wall-e and eva wind up together. >> we are also talking about breakfast because we told you that no one in virginia has it for breakfast. i’m here to tell you that they do. they named a side breakfast from virginia. in virginia beach, is pocahontas pancake and waffle shop. i want to know if you have been to any of these places. >> i have not. >> we have to go there. we should take a road trip. >> i am ready to go. >> especially after seeing all the whipped cream and strawberries and waffles. it looks delicious. let us know what you think about these things and what else is happening here. >> people are already buzzing about their favorite breakfast spots. >> there is right there, th



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