The Hampton Roads Show – 1/18/2010

The Hampton Roads Show – 1/18/2010
started and what to expect in the days to come. and ladies listen up. we are going inside the male mind to find out what you have always wanted to know about how guys think. what stops a man in his tracks? >> good morning, hampton roads. thank you for joining us for the very first “the hampton roads show”. it is a history making day for hampton roads. there has never been a show like the one we will put on today and until the end of time. >> you can feel the excitementment we are all a little nervous and jittery. >> i don’t know about you but i am. >> let’s introduce everybody. i’m nick vitale. i’m the face of fox. >> i’m cheryl tan. >> kerri furey. hopefully old friends from the wavy side and fox 43 and kelly gaita. the first face of fox. >> the first thing folks will notice is how different this set s. we really set out to make it homie like a house. this is our living room but we have



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