The Good, The Bad And The Ugly In Vending Machines

Tips for what to go for, and what to avoid next time you visit the office vending machine for a snack.
way to snack. consumer reports’ shopsmart just sized up do zens o sf choices to help you make a better selection.tt 2news anch or eri n christy has the results in tonight’s segment 2. (natsot: clock) we’ve all been there. afternoon hungeraf hits, and you’re standing in front of the nearest vending machine. (natsot: coins) (mos: #1) “the first thing i pick is a snicker, ack snickers bar.” ic (natsot: beep) (mos: #so2) “health does not concern mees when i’m at a vending machine.” (natsot: vending machine) (mos: #3) “if mo the’s something i like that’s healthy, i’ll get something healthy.” but selecting a smart option isn’t always a slam dunk, so shopsmart maga zine woporked with outside , registered dieticians to pinpoint some better choices. ok – it’s no mystery you should stay away from the pop tarts. they can pack in 420 calories, 4-and-a-half gra ms of saturated fat and saa whopping 32



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