The Fresh Grocer: Seafood Salad

A seafood salad with shrimp. n
a seafood salad with shrimp. the shrimp has already been precoked. on a day like today when you precook it you also put it on the grill. we didn’t do it but you put it on the grill for a couple minutes to give the nice flavor to it. >> i love. it you still have the tail on this. >> there’s still some juice in the tail so it releases some flavor. pick it up with the fork and it’s all done. >> there are juices that are — >> family style, anyway. >> i trust you. so there are still juices? >> yeah. that’s why you cook with them like, that leave them in a salad like that. they’re still giving out some flavor. if you take out the tail some of the flavor is depleated a and you don’t want that. >> the vegetable is thyme and parsley, sweet onions and we’re going to use anise, celery and tomatoes. swees anions. that’s a new one. >> anything in particular we need to lok out for? >> i cook with ita



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