The Food Bank Farm Store Opens To The Public

The Food Bank Farm Store in Hadley opens tomorrow. They were baking the pies and setting out the other goodies, they have everything you could possibly need for your Thanksgiving meal, except your relatives.
goodies. they have everything you could in possibly need for your thanksgiving meal, except your relatives. the food bank farm in hadley is opening its door to the puitblicor thblfor their annual two day sale of locally grown food for thanksgiving. they don’t just ha’tve turkeys t hey have chokecolate veturkeys too. and everything else you’ ell need for your holiday meal. sot @ 2:54 cg name michael docter food bank farm we’ve got apples, we’ve got onions, we’ve got cranberries from the cape, fr we’ve got granola that we makean that has dried cranberries in it. 3:07 stand up cg name jackie jbruno working for you they said the one thing you can’t miss heret at the food bank farm store fais the blueberry pie. they said it’s absolutely delicious. sot @ 00:46 cg name erin erein food bank farm beautiful fresh wild blueberries and not too much of fanything else that’s what makes it really good.



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